About Village

Kondarangi Keeranur (K. Keeranur Panchayat), Oddanchatram Taluk, Dindigul Dt, Tamil Nadu, India is located at the foot hill of Lord Malligarjuna swamy temple. It is moderate in size. It is a multicast one with a total population of more than 5000 people. A part from the main village of K.Keeranur, there are 5 hamlets namely Idayanvalasu, Vellianvalasu, Chinnakaliappa goundan valasu, Pernumal goundan valasu, Cherian Nagar, Miras Nagar, Anna Nagar and Malleswarapuram.

Main activity and voluntary organizations:
The main activity of the people is agriculture. They depend upon wells for irrigating the lands. The agriculture laborers are engaged in farm works. So for ground water development a number of tanks, ponds and check dams numbering more than 50 are constructed by the agriculture department, SGRY and voluntary organizations like World Vision India.