Konrangi Keeranur(K.Keeranur) panchayat profile

Konrangi Keeranur [K.Keeranur] [in Tamil – கொண்டறங்கி கீரனூர்] panchayat is located at the foot hill of Lord malligarjuna swamy temple. It is a multicaste one with total population more than 5000 people. Official website is https://kkeeranur.com. A part from the main village of K.Keeranur, there are 4 main [first 4] hamlets namely,

  1. Perumal Goundan Valasu
  2. Velliyan Valasu
  3. Chinna Kaaliyappa Goundan Valasu
  4. Idayan Valasu
  5. Cherian Nagar [Sottai, it’s not a hamlet. It’s a area]
  6. Malleeswarapuram

Panchayat president is A.M.Nattudurai, well known personality in dindigul district. Village panchayat had won more prestigious awards; few of them are Utthamar Gandhi Award, Nirmal Gram Puraskar Award.

In panchayat, there are 5 temples, namely,

  1. Mallikarujan temple [well known famous temple, celebrated in Chitirai Pournami [Click here for recent festival photos],
  2. Maayavan Temple [ Naayakar’s are main devotees],
  3. Kaaliamman Temple,
  4. Vinayagar temple,
  5. Mandha pidaari temple

Major social [excluding govt. funds] works contributed by world vision of India and free health camps organized by Christian fellowship hospital, Ambilikai.

Services in K.Keeranur panchayat,

  1. Electricity Board Service
  2. Canara Bank [No. 1 rural branch in Trichy circle Canara Bank, Branch code – 1356, this branch Canara Bank mostly offering Education Loans, Agriculture Loans, Cattle Loans]
  3. Government primary health center [Health center well known famous for Delivery (absolutely free of cost), Siddha. Government provided 108 ambulance services [Note: not provided  separate ambulance]
  4. Veterinary hospital
  5. Malleeswara Marriage Hall [constructed in year 2009 – 2010]
  6. Cellphone Towers [Launched in K.Keeranur itself]
    1. Vodafone
    2. Airtel
    3. Aircel

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Data provided by N.Arun Kumar DME, Sakthi Agencies, Oddanchatram.